We did a day trip to lake Sebago yesterday after picking some plump blueberries. I’m currently watching old episodes of Mission Impossible. My parents came up for a visit and as I have old issues that I’ve never resolved with them I use it as an excuse to completely not do anything. Also, tomorrow I start a new diet. 

Do you remember that book I once mentioned I would write, about a man who won things and he’s traveling around in a Winnebago type motorhome that he won, looking for his family that he hasn’t seen in twenty years? Well I wrote a first chapter for it and read it to my husband and he said, “That wasn’t bad. What happens next?” My husband is my biggest fan and my biggest critic. I’ve decided to flesh it out, see where it goes. I’m thinking of modeling it after the Odyssey (Homer) and its tentative title will be Ithaca, NY. 

Along with that, I’m going to be editing a YA book that I wrote two years ago. I had set it aside because even though I already had all parts of it written, something kept bothering me about it. It was one of those books that just wanted to be written and had been hounding me for years and years, and I finally took a NaNoWriMo to get it out of my system (ha, sounds like a disease) then I let it sit because it wasn’t just right. Finally, a few weeks ago I realized what was wrong with it (the formatting) and now I’m ready to edit it and make it polished. I’m hoping to submit it into the Amazon Kindle Scout program and find a place there. But I won’t get into that until I get to it. 

I hope your July has been good. Tomorrow is August and we will never have this July again. 😕