Last night I had a dream in which, instead of seeing people as being composed of regular human bodies, they were made up of millions of squirmy, turny-twisty strands of baby eels (in the form of a body). I believe the baby eels came from watching “Eat The World with Emerill Lagasse”, an Amazon Prime produced documentary show that follows chef Emerill Lagasse around as he eats foods in different countries, accompanied by a chef friend. I happened to watch the third episode in which he travelled to Spain and ate a delicacy of live baby eels placed in a goblet, into which hot consommé is poured, and the eels writhe and dance to their death and quickly devoured. It isn’t something I’m jumping to try, but it managed to wriggle itself into my subconscious. 

The more fascinating part of the dream was that beneath the squiggly mass, I could see cracks from which came these lovely beams of pinkish light. I could tell that a person was sick by the amount of blockage, on their bodies, created by the eels and if I reached out toward the “blockage” the eels would move out of the way, allowing me access to the smooth black form beneath, and I could reach out and give it a great, big whack! And a crack would appear and the pink light would seep out. In this way I was able to heal people by giving them smacks. Therapeutic for everyone involved. 

I woke up feeling as if I had come away learning something. I feel like I should tell you to place your palm on the screen and accept my healing, know that the beautiful pink-orange light will come forth and break free from the blockage, and be healed. But do what you like, it’s all a dream anyway. 

The sculpture is by artist Paige Bradley, called “Expansion”.