What is it about waking up at three in the morning that your mind brings up every shitty thing you’ve ever done or have had done to you, and it’s an odd association parade of things. That time the Pyrex dish you were baking with broke then burst into flames at your boyfriend’s parents’ house, and the flames rose so high it scorched the microwave above the stove, and no matter what anyone did, those burn marks weren’t coming off. Then the scene changes and you’re in a local CVS buying condoms, and although you’re in college (in your 20’s), you can see yourself as the glaring, judgmental, middle-aged cashier sees you: someone who appears to be a sexually active 14 year old. Cut to standing in front of a full auditorium of parents all there to watch the crappy little school play and all eyes are on you, and all you have to say is “Well wasn’t that something? Back to you, Bob!” but you can’t remember your lines so instead your mouth opens and just says, “Oh shit!”. That time you told a girl, who had been your best friend for months, you no longer liked her because you wanted to hang out with the cooler girl, and your best friend starts to cry in front of you, but you don’t do anything about it because the cool girl is standing there watching. And all the other incidents that’s ever happened under the sun that make you squirm or indignant come crawling out and amidst the sound of snoring, you’re breaking into embarrassed perspiration, which compounds the sleeplessness, and it goes on for a few hours until your exhausted body and mind finally shut down and you can fall back to sleep again.